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Thread: FS: Ruark Talisman II Speakers

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    Default FS: Ruark Talisman II Speakers

    A lovely example of these very well regarded speakers.

    Completely original with all the proper drivers in excellent condition.

    Finished in black oak, these are in very good cosmetic condition. The sharp bevelled edges on the cabinets mean these can attract damage and they often look pretty beaten up. This pair has a few small marks which have been touched in but nothing you'd notice other than quite close inspection.
    The grilles have a bit of minor wear on the corners but are solid with badges and all pegs present.

    Fully working as you would expect and for those who don't know what these relatively compact floor standers are capable of, check out the reviews around the web. You might see a couple suggesting they are a bit light on bass but that's nonsense (in my room at least) which I'm happy to demonstrate.

    They are mass loaded with sand (part filled) in the dedicated compartment. They also have a metal plate on the bottom which I assume is standard.
    As such they are extremely heavy and only suitable for collection in person from just outside Bicester in Oxfordshire. I'm obviously happy to demo these on my system.

    I'd like £250 ono please.

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    These are great speakers, I ran my oak ones for years then put them safely away in the loft in their boxes in case I ever want a second system.

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    Must agree Ruark do sound exception and are great value for money at this price

    I have a pair of Templer 11 from the Ruark stable also sand filled
    Music , fills the gaps between silence !

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    Among the last of the great Ruark speakers before the company stopped doing hifi speakers. Fabulous price.
    Regards Neil

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    Thank you for the positive comments. Still available.

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    I'm Geoff.


    I'm heading up to Stoke-on-Trent tomorrow and again on Friday, with Hinckley in between. I can stick them in the car if that helps anyone?

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