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Thread: Classic British Hi-fi

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    Quote Originally Posted by dpgals View Post
    You would be more than welcome to come round for a listen if you are ever in the York area but I don't think I will be letting these wondrous beasts out of my house I am afraid. It is no wonder they were voted the " hi-fi product of the centrury". I have not managed to get over the visual impact issue with my dear wife to get a stacked pair but I still dream of having four of them!!!! However, having said that some people think that stacking is not worth it in terms of the effort required.
    Oh - its worth it alright, but the visual imposition sadly puts that option out for me.
    Have you listened to this month's choice in the Album Club?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Primalsea View Post
    If you just buy some and stack them up when she’s not in your wife might not notice. You never know...

    Really great kit you have there, David.
    I have thought about doing that and I managed it when I first bought the Quads and got the boxes into the house without my wife noticing which was quite a feat! However getting the second pair in the house I think would be a bit tricky. You have got to have something to dream about haven't you! Regards David
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    Great system you have.
    I notice you have a REL Strata sub (from your equipment list) and by chance I am just looking into the possibility of adding a sub to my system.

    What is your experience - do you find it adds something that wasn't there beforehand ?


    Cheers, Mark

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    Nice setup
    Regards Neil

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