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Thread: Which Interconnects do you use? (involves a caveat)

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    I'm Shaun.


    Jesus, tried so many different ones and finally settled on Atlas Hyper cables. Around £190 per stereo pair, by far the best I have used.
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    I'm Geoff.


    Funny things cables. You have your system just where you want it, but then change a component, say speakers or an amp for instance and what you thought were your favourite interconnects, no longer 'gel' with the equipment, so the experimentation and comparisons start all over again. 'Catch 22' situation!!

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    I'm Jerry.


    I've had a constant stream of different cables over the years.
    I settle down with some and then an interesting ebay listing or classified ad comes along and I start to wonder.
    Or, as Geoff says, a change in system component and the dang cables no longer quite gel.
    I'm on Wireworld Oasis interconnects at the moment, with Ixos Ixotica playing a supporting role on occasion.

    The Oasis just hit the spot with a combination of high rez and well focused imaging whilst avoiding being too stark. Previously I was using the Ixos but then the purchase of a Schiit Saga preamp rather exposed things a little too much with its neutrality. Oasis to the rescue!
    But I'm sure that in a few months' time they will be gone.

    I think of cables as delivering that final touch on a system configuration. I don't think there is a best cable, just one that suits your system at the time.

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    I'm Geoff.


    Quote Originally Posted by jandl100 View Post
    I don't think there is a best cable, just one that suits your system at the time.
    Yup. Bang on!

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    I'm James.


    I have had so many cables over the years and they are curious things. Their price does not always indicate how they will perform and indeed their composition and structure determines how they will integrate with your system. I have had some very expensive cables in my system that have sounded little better than cables at 10th of the price. I have had copper, silver, silver copper and a wide range of plugs all differing in composition and thought I knew what combination worked best in my system until I recently tried Oliver's Spotfire cable.

    I have looked at the composition of this cable and plugs and now know why it sounds so good in my system although his construction is beyond my knowledge and there maybe aspects of this that certainly have an influence on the sound.

    Nice that you can always improve on what you have with the right selection of cable even when you think you have nailed it! However this also goes for all pieces of equipment in your system.

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    I'm Craig.


    The Klotz combination was my last ever used ic.
    Along the way Iíve had some silly money wire, eg, Black Rhodium Oratorios, Chord Signature, and the usual VD suspects.

    If I were to buy icís again, Iíd go straight for the Klotz
    Naim Mu-So
    Thatís all.
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    I'm Russell.


    Quote Originally Posted by walpurgis View Post
    Yup. Bang on!


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