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Thread: Kontrapunkt B

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    Thread resurrection..........
    Does anyone know for sure whether a Cadenza Black will fit on an Ekos?
    I know the Cadenza has recessed cart pins, but the head shell on an Ekos is kinda small.

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    Don't know the answer for sure but the Ortofon carts mate up to the headshell with 3 raised sections so it needs a flat surface to sit on
    See the picture in the brochure


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    I used a Kontrapunkt B in my Linn LVIII arm for many years. I see absolutely no reason why a Cadenza Black wouldn’t do same as cartridge body is identical. I still use a Ortofon Cadenza Black but it now sits in a Origin Live arm.
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    Thanks for the replies guys.
    I'm aware of the raised ribs on top of the Cadenza, which is to allow for azimuth adjustment apparently?
    Its been quite a while since I had a look at the underside of the Ekos head shell, but I'm pretty sure its flat.
    My main concern is the length of the cart, as the Ekos head shell is pretty short, along with cart-lead dressing.
    Any other comments gratefully received.

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