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Thread: If you had 50 grand

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    I'm Anthony.


    I would not blow the whole wad , but I am not one for not trying.

    I am currently happy with my system , but parts will change. Usually its power cables or interconnects.

    I have found that its not so much better or worse , just different.

    As for the ' be happy with what you got statement ' , mmmmmm Mcintosh, most are happy, but sound repro is a hobbie and never ending
    Our education is wrong, it takes no note of the subtleties of human nature, it places more importance on the memory of an individual than how memorable an individual is. Bernard Sumner 1995

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    I'm Mark.


    Unfortunately I think I'm at the age where no amount of expensive equipment could improve my listening pleasure.... a younger pair of ears might do the trick though!

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