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Thread: Possibly my biggest project yet - a Yamaha GT-2000 turntable

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beobloke View Post
    It's the original. They sanded 18mm off the top of the old plinth, which got to the lowest point of the damage and repaired the bumps to the sides. They then fitted a new 18mm thick piece of Oak to the top, machined the cutouts for the arm, motor and switches, then re-veneered the top and sides and sprayed it all black.

    It's absolutely flawless in the flesh and the veneer is better than the original. I am a happy chappy!
    probably used a drum sander to remove that amount of material. I must admit I would have ditched it.
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    Looks amazing compared to how it started. Keep the pics coming
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    This thread is is just like a good TV drama series i can't wait for the next episode.Looking good.

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    Sorry for the delay - been a bit busy and am on holiday now so Iíll start reassembling it as soon as I can!

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    Throw us a bone man!

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    I know, I know!

    The arm is back from Johnnie - heís done his usual superb job on it and the bearings feel much better but itís still a bit battered visually. Iím going to fit it for now, but keep and eye out for a suitable replacement.

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