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Thread: refinishing walnut veneer speakers

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    Quote Originally Posted by ianlenco View Post
    I restored a pair of Rogers LS3/5a cabinets a while back.


    Magic ingredients? 50/50 mixture of olive oil and vinegar Works a treat on surface scratches. No need for extra virgin oil but white wine vinegar is a good idea

    Smells a bit for a while. Use the leftovers to dress a salad.
    How does that work/remove scratches?
    Very impressive.

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    Don't know, I found the method on the web under general furniture restoring. Work it definitely does though. No need for abrasives either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by philv View Post
    How does that work/remove scratches?
    The scratched parts expose bare (or raw/untreated/unfinished) wood whereas the unscratched parts are finished wood. The olive oil darkens the scratches to blend in with the rest. Water would give a similar effect but the effect would disappear when the water evaporated. The oil gives it a permanent "wet" look.
    This method is simple and can be very effective, particularly if the wood hasn't been coloured or stained in any way. It wouldn't work on, for example, beech that has been heavily stained to look very dark.

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