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Thread: Bargain speaker cable

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    Perhaps worth a reconnection via the McIntosh and the Revolvers..... I’ll try tomorrow. Not used this cable for some years... can’t really remember if it was good or not so good.

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    It sounds wonderful with my big Tannoys and other speakers, regardless of amplification. I got rid of numerous fancy cables after trying this. It took me a while to track down a second set (one shortish and the other longer).

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamie123 View Post
    ive tried fisual cable twice,and twice it lasted about half an hour.
    oli i beg you to try van damme's UP-LCOFC Hi-F i use the 4mm.



    Interesting review concerning the Van Damme cables. I have two sets (both 1 metre long) of similar cables, they are:

    Van Damme, marked: Van damme LC-OFC LOUDSPEAKER 268-504-000 2x4.0mm sq. – TOTAL DEFINITION DIRECTIONAL HIFI

    This is a ‘figure of eight’ style cable with 4mm OD conductors comprising many strands twisted into several bunches, and the bunches themselves twisted together. The insulation is clear with the cable identity printed onto the centre strip separating the two conductors. The overall width of the cable is 14mm.



    Two conductors having 4mm OD insulation coloured red and blue, with an overall black sheath 13mm OD.

    The closest I can find on the Van Damme web site is this http://www.van-damme.com/23.html, but mine are marked as above and not BLUE SERIES STUDIO GRADE.

    Both of these cables are slightly different to those reviewed. Is anyone else using them? Are they any good – what are your thoughts? Have to confess I can’t hear any difference between them, but they are only 1 metre long.
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    Hi Barry.

    I use two lengths of 4mm black per speaker and twisted together. Sound is superb... It was Mark Grant who suggested twisting them.

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    Default Bargain speaker cable

    Van Damme HiFi is one the great bargains in HiFi. I never got on with speaker cable with thick PVC sleeving, and also do think in a good system, the benefits of “linear crystal” copper are worth it.
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    I used a dark green jacketed fisual cable for about 9 months with 57s.

    Its silver plated copper with rfi shielding....very detailed with nice tight bass-maybe the bright side of neutral so suited the 57s, great vfm.

    I bought 30m of the 4mm fisual studio stuff-didnt get on with it at all....lasted a couple of days.

    I really think speaker cable really depends on synergy with the amp and speaker-ye pays yer money but its nice to have a play without breaking the bank.

    Gave my mates son a wee hi fi to get started a mini 1 t amp/dac and tannoy floor standers-van damme 4mm hifi stuff terminated by Brian of this parish really worked well with it.

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    I'm very impressed with the Fisual 4mm S-FLEX I have here. My Ixos cable will be for sale later today.
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    Bargain - well, probably above the price that many folks would regard as a bargain for a cable.
    But I was deeply impressed by the low key approach of the advertising description.

    W&M speaker cables from The Netherlands.
    It's very good in a full frontal, don't take no prisoners kind of way.

    For a more laidback synergy, I also have some vintage Western Electric cables. Allegedly removed from a telephone exchange and then done up as speaker cables.

    I've tried other cables, cheap and not so cheap, but those two are just fine for me.

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    I've been using a star-quad Belden (#5102UP) for the past year, and am very happy with it. Great clarity and transparency, quite neutral sounding. The tell-tale for me is that every subtle change I make to the electronics and source components, is immediately noticeable through the speakers.

    It's wired so that opposing conductors are joined at each end, effectively making an 11 AWG out of two 14 AWG conductors. This configuration is supposed to have great noise rejection ability. You could use this cable for bi-wiring too, if that's your thing.

    Belden also has an OFC version of this cable, #1310A, which I probably would have sprung for had I known it existed when I wired up mine. The #5102 is ETP copper, whatever that means, presumably a lower grade, but whether audibly inferior(?)...I'm not sure...

    Further, they also make versions of this cable in 16 and 12 AWG using either ETP or OFC copper. Lots of choice. Very reasonable pricing for some great cable.


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