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Thread: Please help me clean switches on my lovely Nak CA-5

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    Default Please help me clean switches on my lovely Nak CA-5

    So I use this slim line lovely as a phono stage. Some of the switches are a little bit fuzzy when turned (when I use it in pre amp stage obviously). So I got me Servisol Super 10, but I can't see an obvious place to spray it. Hopefully these pics will help someone explain to me. Ta.

    IMG_20180131_232810397 by Mike Van, on Flickr
    IMG_20180131_232731429 by Mike Van, on Flickr
    IMG_20180131_232652947 by Mike Van, on Flickr
    Current system. TT - NAS Interspace, Jelco 750, Goldring 2200, Nakamichi CA-5 (as phono stage). CDP - Pioneer pd7800. Ruark Talisman II. Rest of it is in flux at the moment.

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    If it's PCB Mounted, you're gonna have to take them off or spray where you can and hope some gets in!!!!!
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    the Alps pots I own have two small holes in the side of the casing - squirt in there (aided by the thin plastic tube you got with the Servisol?)

    Failing that, squirt where the knob shaft goes into the barrel. Doesn't take much - just a brief burst.

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