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Thread: diy interconnects advice

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    Default diy interconnects advice

    Thought I would have a go at making a few interconnects , I started with the klotz 5000 and ms audio plugs , and then purchased some neotech nemoi
    5220 which has 2 flat solid copper conductors in Teflon and again used ms audio plugs , this cable has replaced some audionote anv solid silver cable
    from my audionote dac sig 2.1 and sounds great , the dac already has the solid anv inside , I find the solid silver cable to be precise but hard sounding
    and lacking a bit in weight , the neotech cable is more musical and as precise , so I ordered more to go from my tisbury pre amp to my ming da 805 monoblocks , now in this position the klotz 5000 sounds better than the neotech , the klotz 5000 also sounds worse compared to the neotech in the
    dac position , basically I'm thinking that there isn't enough copper in the neotech cable for the pre amp to monblock position , so I was going to put
    both conductors to the plus and use the shield for the return , I know folks on hear have probably done this so can advise on the outcome , the conductors in the neotech cable are 0.22x1.78 each any advice would be helpful .phil

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    Try it and see. You may prefer it.
    There are no hard and fast rules, so trust your ears.

    I have not tried the Neotech cable you have used, as I struggle to find anything I prefer to the Klotz for the price.

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    I'm Phil.


    The klotz cable has fairly large conductors so this may be the reason it sounds best from pre to power amps , I have now ordered some neotech nemoi 3220 which has
    pcocc conductors , again for dac position , its made me think about replacing the anv inside the dac with this stuff . phil

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