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Thread: Toshiba SR-370 project

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    I'm Robert.


    My System:
    Amplification - Sansui AU-919 Complete overhaul, upgraded, re-capped. Caps upgraded from 4 x 15,000 uf to 4 x 20,000 uf-inside original oval caps. All glue and 'black flags' removed
    Turntable - Modified Technics SL1210 MK5G
    Mike New precision bearing, bearing base plate, ETP Platter
    Micro Seiki MA-202 tonearm, rewired, hybrid ceramic bearings
    Ortofon Cadenza Black moving coil cartridge
    Yannis Tome 423.5 Silver-Litz tonearm cable with KLEI Pure Silver Harmony plugs
    Ebony armboard
    Audio Technica MS-8 Magnesium headshell, Ortofon pure silver headshell leads
    Isonoe Isolation Feet
    Paul Hynes SR7EHD PSU (plus regulator modules), DCSXL pure-silver DC lead with Jaegar low impedance connector
    CDP - Pioneer PD-91
    Speakers - Mission 752 Freedom
    QED Silver Spiral speaker cable, Airlock plugs - bare wire amp end.
    Mains - Ultra Pure silver plated un-switched socket, Missing link EPS 500 silver plated plugs with Hi-Fi Tuning gold plated silver ceramic 13 amp fuses

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    I'm Russell.


    Quote Originally Posted by Ian7633 View Post
    The plinth is actually made from some sort of composite resin. I got the plinth from Oliver ( Bigman80 ), it had some cosmetic damage so there was nothing to loose really. I'm glad you like the Olive wood Russell, the photos don't really do it justice, it's got a real depth to it. When it's finished I'll take some decent photos. I'm going to put my Mission 774 arm on it with the Ortofon Quintet black, they work very well with the Toshiba.
    That Ortofon Quintet Black is a cartridge I am very interested in! Iíll be glad to here your impressions once itís up and running.


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