These are simply a superb way to connect a PC/laptop to a DAC.
The transformation in sound using a Halide Bridge is a bit of a jaw drop. So much more clarity and sheer presence.

I've had this one for about a year or so.
I have always used a BNC/RCA adaptor (included in sale and in the pic below) for getting into my DACs and the connection has been a bit hit and miss. Once it's in it's in, but it can take some jiggling around. And if you shift the cables it can lose lock and need to be re-jiggled.
Eventually this drove me a bit bonkers and I have now bought a Halide Bridge with an RCA connector. Yay.

So, the BNC connection Halide Bridge is here up for sale.
If you have BNC input to a DAC it may work fine.
If it doesn't and the dodgy connection is a symptom of it being faulty and you aren't happy I will refund in full including return postage.

155 including UK postage
-- which is a bargain as these usually sell for 180-200.