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Thread: Denon 103SA

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamie123 View Post
    lol dont get all 'bank manager' on my arse,it was only 40
    Lol, 40!!!!! Outrageous
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    Quote Originally Posted by jamie123 View Post
    very much so,i cant wait to fit it to the zeta when it comes back

    i think if you read this thread you'll find im very happy with the 103,best move ive made,the decca just didnt suit my tonearms,the mid range and bass was fantastic but the top end clarity lacked a bit.i dont regret selling it to you,hope you're enjoying it
    Yes Jamie it's very good and worked with my tone arm without putty between the cart and headshell like the super gold I tried, uh after I connected it correctly. That's odd that the treble didn't sound right in your set up. I wonder what that could have been. Anyhow, a 103 is also very good, I bought a 103 and 103r just to know what they are about and kept the 103r. It will be used on a project I am working on when I have time in a high - ish mass unipivot I have. Other than the 103r I'm done with mc,
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