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Thread: New version of the ALLO BOSS is here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon_LDT View Post
    The files won't show up in windows as Volumio is linux based.
    You should still see the files even if they are configured for the Pi. No point in sending the sd car back to Allo. Much simpler to follow the instructions to format the sd card and install Volumio. a bit of a pain I agree if the card was meant to be formatted with Volumio.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lanky View Post
    Firstly, thank you for the replies.
    I confess I find the power supply arrangements confusing. The Boss was supplied with the jumper in place. If I feed power to the Boss USB Type C connector it illuminates a green LED on the Boss and a red LED on the Pi, from which I conclude there is power to both boards. If I remove the jumper only one of the LEDs illuminates, depending on whether I feed power to the Boss or the Pi.
    This is exactly how it should be. If you remove the jumper, you should power the DAC and the Pi separately.

    What power supply are you using, by the way?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lanky View Post
    I connected to my router via Ethernet cable, having read that the Pi's wi-fi performance can be poor without a dongle. The LEDs on the Pi's Ethernet socket did not illuminate.
    Excuse my ignorance, but I didn't understand the statement "It's also possible that your Pi is booting up in AP (Access Point) mode. If so, 'Volumio' will appear in your list of available networks and you will need to connect to it." I can't see any additional device, wired or otherwise, on my router setup page. Likewise no reference to Volumio.
    I tried removing the SD card to check it on my desktop, and Windows Explorer says it is empty. I assume the files Allo should have loaded won't necessarily be readable in Windows, but shouldn't something show up? My feeling at the moment is the most likely explanation is that Allo sent me a blank card! If this is the case, how would I go about getting them to send me what was promised?
    Download the latest Volumio image from volumio.org and flash it to the SD card using Etcher (etcher.io).

    If the problem persists, connect the Pi to a display to see what’s going on.

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