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Thread: Cables for tube driven setup

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    Default Cables for tube driven setup

    In January with a bit of luck I will be having my custom monoblocks built power supplies finally arrived from Poland .
    I will have the choice of switching between kt88`s and kt120`s .
    I cant place the amps by the speakers as SWMBO has put her foot down speakers are ditton 15xr`s
    My current speaker cable is chord rumour 2 that are four metres long and my inter connects are klotz Mc5000.
    Going all valve is new to me and will the above cable`s be ok to use ?

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    Don't you have bigger feet than SWIMBO ? Tell her you will fix brackets on the walls for the amps to stand on

    Speaker cables are just that , speaker cables , Some spend mega bucks on them some not , try them before you spend more money
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    Nothing wrong with the Klotz for the budget. A very good cable.

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    The klotz are fine cables,

    The Chord silver plated can sound a tad bright with the silver coated copper in my experience.

    Have a look at copper cables like van damme and fisual a couple of quid a meter wont break the bank- But Al rightly says you can end up spending funny money on wires with only incremental gains.

    See if what you have is ok before spending yer cash-or see if any AOS troops could pop across and let you try some wires!

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    Please proceed with caution if using Van Damme braided copper cables as they did not react too well with my valve gear. They produced quite a bit of distortion at the top end and were plainly not compatible. I now use Van Den Hul Teatrack biwires and they are now fine. I also use Atlas Hyper interconnects as they are 'bright' and counteract the warmth of the pre/power.
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    Curveball recommendation here....

    Nowadays kit my system out with Morrow Audio inteconnects cables from the States.
    Their budget cables have the same house sound as their more loftier one
    Majors on clarity, musicality presence and detail without being overpowering or bright.
    Just sound ‘right’ to me.

    I run a valve based system and they dont mask It’s best qualities.
    Highly highly recommended.

    Your Klotz will be fine though, used Brians cables in my setup and they sounded just fine.
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