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Thread: Christmas HiFi gifts

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    I'm openingabottleofwine.


    No hardware (I have all the audio gear I need), so some 'software':

    Thelonius Monk - 'Brilliant Corners'

    Lesley Duncan - 'Sing Children Sing' and 'Earth Mother'

    Third Ear Band - 'Heloise and Abelard'

    Kronos Quartet - 'Plays Thelonious Monk'

    Kevin Ayers - 'Joy of a Toy', 'Whatever She Brings', 'Confessions of Dr Dream' and 'Yes We Have No Manyanas'

    Soft Machine - 'In a Deaf Corner'

    Beethoven - 'Triple Concerto'
    Have you listened to this month's choice in the Album Club?


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    I'm Geoff.



    Not heard anything by 'Third Ear Band' for many years. Even though I think I may still have an LP of theirs tucked away somewhere.

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    I'm Oliver.


    Santa has been good to a lot of people!!

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    I'm Neil.


    Bought myself a few bits, well, a few home upgrades for the family...

    * New ASRock J4205 motherboard for the media server + Windows 10
    * M.2 WiFi / Bluetooth Card & antennae for the media server, finally going wire-free in 2018, WiFi is stable enough for me now - as I use a USB front-end with a dedicated power supply am not paranoid about possible noise issues in the server.
    * BT Whole Home Wifi - now the daughter has full-speed broadband in her room, and we have range out to the back yard. You just connect it to your router
    * Spare TDA1541A chip as I finally found one of the 'Taiwan' editions that were made in the late 90s (better manufacturing)

    Look forward to setting it up.
    Mana Acoustics Racks >> Custom Silent Media Server >> Halide Bridge USB (with AQVOX USB power) >> Pedja Rogic's Audial Model S DAC + Pioneer PL-71 turntable / Vista Audio phono-1 mk II / Denon PCL-5 headshell / Reson Reca >> LFD DLS >> LFD PA2M (SE) >> Royd RR3s.

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    I'm Chris.


    Treated myself by upgrading from the DAC I Signature to the DAC II Special from SW1X. I will stick up a review when I have time.

    As I said in an e mail to Slawa this morning "It’s like the pretty teenager (DAC 1 Signature) has blossomed into a beautiful lady."

    Attached Images Attached Images
    SW1X Universal Music Server UMS I Signature with Power supply Unit PSU I Signature
    USB I Signature
    DAC II Special
    Passive Volume Control
    Ron Welbourne DRD 45 monoblocks improved by SW1X
    SW1X Open Baffle Speakers containing vintage alnico drivers - Grundig tweeters, Saba Greencone midrange and Altec VOTT 416 bass.
    Silver wiring throughout by SW1X

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    I'm Loz.



    My official Christmas present but I won't actually get it until February. I've been hoping for these first five Felt albums to be repressed for many years. Surely I can hang on for another two months?
    Thorens TD160. Denon DL-110. Arcam DV137. RPI with Audiophonics I-Sabre DAC and Chromecast Audio.
    Firebottle +. Arcam Delta 60. Adam Audio Artist 5 and Kef Reference 103. MS Audio/Klotz MC5000 and Fisual Hollywood Dark Twist.

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    I'm Tristan.


    OCS lp - formerly the oh sees
    New Calexico album (on order)
    New First Aid Kit album (on order)
    LCD Soundsystem
    Muddy Waters - Electric Mud - new 180g pressing
    Iggy Pop - Lust for Life - 180g reissue

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