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Thread: The ultimate best ever ECC83?

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    I'm Gary.


    I found Harma Cryo 7025's were good in my phono stage, maybe not the best ever but really good.

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    I'm james.


    Tfk ECC803S
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    Quote Originally Posted by Martyn Miles View Post
    The ones I got free from our Electronics Section at work during a clear out.
    In a similar vein, I picked up a variety of tubes from Brel & Kjr when they were closing their UK service centre in Harrow. The good news, not that I realised it at the time, was that the tubes were NOS Telefunkens. As for the best ECC83, I'd rate those Telefunkens as the nicest and most musical tubes that I've tried, but French military RT valves were pretty good too.

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    The very best ECC83 ie Mullard Telefunken et al are crazy prices
    You may do better with 5751 and the best of them seems to be Sylvania triple mica
    Also I have GE triple mica JHS black plate in my pre and they sound damn good to me
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    This is more like it. Thanks.
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    Hi guy's I just started with a tube amp, it is a cheap chinese nobsound NS-01P I first had the chinese original valves, then I changed for the JJ Ecc83, but changed them for the JJ Ecc803 long plate gold pin. I quite like the sound, I never tried the nos valves, it would be interesting to be able to swap some valves to compare. Maybe when I am rich
    Streaming music from macbook via usb, to a musical fidelity V90 dac, to a Nobsound ns-01P tube pre amp with jj ecc803s gold pin to poweramp arcam Alpha 8 power amp to Q Acoustics 3050 floor standers.
    Favourite music progressive rock.

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    Rob, don't sweat it, everyone likes those JJ ECC803 long plates. You've probably made the most cost effective choice possible with new tubes, respect!

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    I've tried most vintage types over the years and in my equipment the best, by some distance, is the foil getter welded plate '58-'63 Tungsram. A quite stunning tube...

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