I've just ordered a 12" Reed 2G tonearm for demonstrations, effectively replacing the rather wonderful Reed 3P that worked so beautifully on my reference Kenwood KD-990 deck. The 2G has a more conventional horizontal bearing, compared to the magnetic system in the 3P, but it does share the twin vertical bearing system with the 3P. So, there is more of a mechanical connection between the arm tube and the supporting structure, compared to the 3P. My new demonstration arm is 12", with Cocobolo arm wand, and I have also ordered a spare headshell so that swapping between mono and stereo will be relatively simple. Prices are more reasonable than or the 3P and start at 2895 including VAT for the 9.5" version, with options for 10.5" and 12" arm wands, various wiring options, as well as Reed's usual selection of wood arm wands.

See http://www.reed.lt/products/all/reed-2g for technical details.