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Thread: Caiman SEG “supercap upgrade” - [emoji106]

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    I'm Gareth.


    1. http://www.homehifi.co.uk/PP/cartlist.html
    2. Yes
    3. See 1
    4. No idea, have never heard a Chord DAC

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    47000uf caps for dac, blimey, that's as much as my 110w amps.
    Kuzma Stabi/S 12", (LP12-bastard) DC motor and optical tacho psu, Benz LP, Paradise (phonostage). MB-Pro, Brooklyn dac and psu, Bruno Putzeys balanced pre, mod86p dual mono amps, Yamaha NS1000m

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    Thanks Gareth, much clearer now.

    One other question, there seems to be a lot of discussion around power supplies for the DAC. I like the look of the MCRU unit, is that my best option or is that subject to a lot of conjecture?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crackles View Post
    I've noticed the Beresford craze on here so I wanted to ask a few questions if I may?

    1. What are the range of Beresford DACs and how much do they sell for new?
    2. Stan do you sell them?
    3. Why does the Beresford site, or any other site, not have prices on it?
    4. Is it likely to sound better in my HiFi than my Chord Mojo?


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    1. See homehifi.co.uk and select sales. The site is a bit flaky. It works properly in Chrome but not in Opera. Currently the only DAC for sale is the SEG (199.99).
    2. Yes Stanley Beresford sells them. Customer service is great.
    3. See point 1.
    4. No idea, as I have not tried a Chord Mojo. Stan sells the SEG on a sale/return basis so give on a try if you are interested.

    Good luck!


    RPi3 & piCorePlayer, Ankaka Battery -> Beresford Caiman II DAC (with Venom & Gator Mod) -> Beresford Capella as Pre-Amp -> 4x Temple Audio Monoblocks ->Van Damme Black Bi-Wired to B&W 804 Nautilus and Van Damme Interconnects (everything battery powered)

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    All products and prices on Stan’s website: http://www.homehifi.co.uk/PP/cartlist.html

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