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Thread: Greetings from Bologna

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    I'm simone.

    Default Greetings from Bologna

    Greetings to everybody.
    I'd like to introduce myself: I'm more a collector than an audiophile. Mostly into 60's American vintage tube gear but also ss stuff. I discovered this forum and read many interesting topics.
    Don't really have a fixed setup as I like to alternate electronics...

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    I'm Jerry.


    Welcome to the AOS forum, Simone.

    " 60's American vintage tube gear"
    Wow - I would love to see photos of this gear in the forum's Gallery section - start a thread there, please!!

    Spotify Premium streaming, Laptop / Halide Bridge, Audiolab 8200CD DAC, Schiit Saga passive/active preamp, >>amp de jour<<, MBL 116F.

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    I'm Dave.


    Hi Simone, welcome to AOS.Enjoy the forum
    Kraken, Saturn, Emotion, Flying V Rocket, Planets.

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    I'm Geoff.


    Hello Simone. Welcome to AOS.

    There are a few of us who collect vintage equipment. Your valve gear sounds interesting, some photos would be welcome for our Gallery section.

    Enjoy the forum,

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    I'm Rob.


    Welcome Simone. Bologna is a wonderful place. One of my all time favourite places to visit.
    Powered by crossed fingers and clenched buttocks

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    Join Date: Nov 2017

    Location: bologna

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    I'm simone.


    Thanks to everybody for the warm welcome.
    I'll post some pictures of my setup (as soon as I find acceptable ones in my HD).

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