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Thread: Greetings to all the forumers

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    I'm Naassan.

    Default Greetings to all the forumers

    Dear fellow forumers,

    I am a music and audiophile sound lover.
    I have a pretty eclectic taste. Though my prefernce is Jazz.
    I moved to digital music fews years ago, starting by 320 mp3 and moving to Apple Lossless.
    My choice of Apple Lossless was due to the fact that I was unable to find a better player than iTunes.
    Though my desire to try Hi-Res music, including DSD made me search for alternative players as iTunes is unable to passthrough Hi-Res sound.
    I tried few player and now I am a happy user of JRiver.
    I have roughly 150k songs hosted on a 8tb external hard disk which is backed up automatically to another 8tb using PureSync.
    I use SMSL M8 DAC for the moment couples to a Roksan K3 amp and Monopulse Model A speakers. The K3 is also used with a Marantz SR6006 for nmultichannel purposes.

    I used to be so bored after few weeks of buying a new component and was always seeking to change. But now, I feel I am quite satisfied with what I have, though the upgrade itchyness is always there!

    I am quite an old forumer on AVF, PFM and others.

    I guess I said quite enough about me.

    Wishing everybody all the best,


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    I'm Jerry.


    Welcome to AOS, Naass.

    Always lots going on here, so make yourself at home and get involved with the chat.

    Spotify Premium streaming, Wadia 151 PowerDAC, MBL 116F.
    Spotify Premium streaming, Cambridge Audio 851D DAC/pre, Pass Labs X150 power amp, MBL 116F.
    >> Currently >> Spotify Premium streaming, Cambridge Audio 851D DAC/pre, LA Audio A-30 el84 integrated amp, MBL 116F.

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    I'm Dave.


    Hi Naass, welcome to AOS.Enjoy the forum .
    Kraken, Saturn, Emotion, Flying V Rocket, Planets.

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    I'm Geoff.


    Hi Naass. Welcome to AOS.

    You'll find this is a friendly place, so just join in the chat.

    Enjoy the forum,
    Mr. Tact!

    Main system: MMs/ADCs/Low output MC's/One rare Japanese SUT/One scarce British phono stage/various tonearms/hefty Japanese DD TT and hefty Japanese BD TT and small British BD TT. 4 CD players/2 jitter buster/2 DACs/Valve buffer. TVC stepped attenuator or valve pre-amp or solid state pre-amp. Current dumping power-amp or either of two Class A SS power-amp or Class A EL34 valve monos or big Japanese (part Class A) integrated. Big dual concentric speakers/Smaller dual concentric speakers/Two way British compacts and full range speakers, amongst others. And too much more to list!

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