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Thread: How hi (-fi) can you go?

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    Excellent write up Alan and a most interesting read.

    I too use Quad 57s and have tried/experimented with augmenting the bass performance with a subwoofer. Sadly I didn't get on with it, particularly finding the correct level was impossible to set: either it would be too high and the bass was intrusive (roll-over set to 40Hz), or it would be too low and there was no overall contribution. It also varied depending on what was being played. Maybe I should have persevered, but the sub was loaned to me, so I didn't have a lot of time to 'optimise' things.

    What are the super tweeters you are using Alan? What is the crossover frequency?

    Talking of "How hi ?", are you still hanging the Quads from the ceiling? I think I can see the suspension hooks.

    Anyway excellent work, well done.
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    This http://theartofsound.net/forum/showt...the-sweet-spot gives you all the details Barry

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marco View Post
    Could you explain the highlighted text, Alan, as I'm unaware of what you're referring to. Also what do you mean by a "recognisable pinch point"?
    By pinch point I was referring to the weak point, the area which is limiting ultimate performance.

    Depending what JFET is used there will be an optimum supply voltage for that JFET to give best performance, as with a valve as well. I haven't incorporated any circuitry to make this adjustable.

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    Ah ok, gotcha now

    Something to work on then, perhaps? However, it's not only the KIN's MC input which is 'challenged' in that way, in the face of a good head amp or SUT, used in conjunction with the accompanying MM input of the same phono stage, but pretty much EVERY standalone MC phono stage I've heard or tried to date.

    Therefore, for me, something intrinsic/fundamental is going on, allowing the combination of MM stage+SUT (or head amp), when all else is equal, to 'ace' a standalone MC stage.


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    Nice write up Alan and good to see your system has evolved since I last heard it so now I have something new to look forward to later this month.

    I though I had finished messing with my set up until I put some new JJTesla valves in the regulation stage?
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