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Thread: Thoughts on Usher 7" drivers?

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    Default Thoughts on Usher 7" drivers?

    Usher drivers aren't cheap, but have a very good reputation. I'm considering using them in a diy speaker project but the other alternative, a seas paper/reed driver of 5.5" diameter, is also well regarded and much cheaper. Room the speakers will be used in isn't huge, 4x 3.6 meters, so I'm wondering if it's worth stumping up the extra for the ushers. Anybody heard them and like to comment? Any comments on seas paper/reed also appreciated.
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    Ushers do have a very good reputation , Size matters even with speakers , I would go for the Ushers
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    I’d stop farting around making up kits and buy my Ushers!
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    Do Usher sell their drive units separately?

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