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Thread: Hello everyone

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    I'm olu.

    Default Hello everyone

    Hi all

    Having lurked around the site since Jan, thought I'd do the right thing and introduce myself.

    Despite the inevitable digitisation + multi-channel reproduction of everything audio, I have listened to Misson 752ís / Arcam 9 + 9p / Rega Planar 2 combination for about 18 years. However the Rega was recently replaced by a Heybrook TT2 after decades of coveting an LP12, but never having the balls to start down the slippery slope! Perhaps one day, Iíll get round to upgrading the amp / speaker combination, but I get frightened every time I venture near a shop and realise how much I need to spend in order to arrive at a substantially more wholesome sound. Particularly since most of the time (3 Ė 5 hours a day), I am listening to FLACís on a Cowon Plenue D with custom made 5 way iemís. Meantime, I intend to rebuild the TT2, having been inspired by an earlier post (woodwork is a hobby).

    Good music, played by talented musicianís rocks my boat - even although I have a particular fondness for Jazz / Smooth Jazz. Ike Quebec, Coleman Hawkins, Ben Webster through to Larry Carlton, Brian Simpson, Richard Elliot, Euge Groove, Candy Dulfer Ė user name couldnít be more obvious. But I still reckon Grover Washington Jr remains the most complete musician ever recorded! So there! In the right mood, Iíll listen to classical music for weeks on end.

    Look forward to learning from the many informed opinions on AOS.

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    I'm Geoff.


    Hello Olu. Welcome to AOS.

    Good turntable the TT2. You should get nice results from that once rebuilt. There should be some info on those here.

    Feel free to join in the chat and ask any questions you may have.

    Enjoy the forum,

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    I'm Martin.


    Hi Olu, welcome to Aos

    You can get that Heybrook TT sounding very good indeed, the designer is a member here so you will get some informed advice if you want it.

    There is a Jazz subforum starting here soon, you might be interested in that too.

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    I'm Shane.


    Hi Olu, nice to welcome another TT2 into the fold. Any help I can give, just ask.
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    I'm Andy.


    Great Moniker!!!, welcome to the forum
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