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Thread: 6sn7 and 6sl7 nos or modern which is best

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    I'm Phil.

    Default 6sn7 and 6sl7 nos or modern which is best

    Has anyone compared tunsol of old against the modern type , I'm currently running a pair of ming da monoblocks , 6sn7 6sl7 and el34 power vale
    jinvina 805 , I have replaced the new tungsol el34 with rtf and it has slightly more body and less edgy top end than the modern tungsol , its better I
    think , I have never tried swapping the 6sn7 and 6sl7 , I have read that the melz is a great sounding valve , I have had most 12au7 12ax7 and like
    the old rca and tungsol , finding mullard to coloured and lacking top end , I'm not a lover , but tend to like the usa type valves especially old tungsol
    has anyone gone down this road , cheers phil.

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    I'm Tom.


    The Tung Sols are pretty good. (6SN7)

    However I got fantastic results with Sophias and TJ Full Music, which I think may be the same tube re-labelled.

    Wonderful synergy with my old Puresound 2A3 and Tannoy Golds.
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    Study: Speakers - Tannoy DC6; Amp: Pass Aleph 'Mini'; preamp - Firebottle custom; Vinyl: Garrard 401 with AT1503 tonearm and vintage Ortofon SL-15e with matching Ortofon 2-15k SUT; Phono Stage: Firebottle Plus; Digital - Trichord Genesis III CDP + Arcam rBlink; Schiit Multibit DAC.

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    I'm Julian.


    Once I installed a quartet of TAD 6SN7 in my preamp I stopped tube rolling... I got the extended treble I was missing and find them much more even handed and neutral than vintage tubes I tried...
    The Source - Kuzma Stogi - AT33 PTG/II - Fidelity Research FRT-3 - Conrad-Johnson EV-1 - Consonance Cyber 222 mk2 - Philips DC380 - Shanling CD-S 100 MK 11 - Toshiba ST-420 - Tannoy Chatsworths

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