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Thread: 2 Armed Decks .

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    Default 2 Armed Decks .

    Hello All ,
    Currently considering changing the (linn ) turntable for a very low maintenance deck . I own a few mono lps and have always been struck how excellent they can sound . Any suggestions for 2 armed decks apart from garrards etc?
    Price wise around what a used standard linn with a radikal might be sold for ? (Or less ).
    Currently using library pc so will be slow re replies .
    Many Thanks .

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    I'm Shaun.


    I use an early Nottingham Analogue Interspace which has a mounting point for a second tonearm. Easy to use almost maintenance free deck. I don't think the current model is the same though.
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    Anything Ozric Tentacles based

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    I'm bruce.


    Ah yes Nottingham Analogue . I remember shortly after getting the linn a radikal walking around the Tonbridge Show a few years ago and being struck by hearing Dark Side Of The Moon at a (Music First ?) stand. The sound had more obvious rhythm etc than the linn to my ears , arm was a sme v and cart a zyx . One to consider .

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    Many of the Nottingham Analogue turntables I have sold over the decades have been fitted with 2 arms.

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