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Thread: Tom Petty dead at 66

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    Default Tom Petty dead at 66

    Another legend gone.

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    Very sad. I was just reading on Google News that he was in a critical state. He must have just died. Shame!
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    Jeeeez, 66 is no age at all! Another legend lost to us.

    RIP Tom
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    Very very sad. Loved him. Sound of my youth. Saw him a few weeks back at Hyde Park with Stevie Nicks. A truly exceptional musician.

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    Thus only Jeff Lynn left

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    Very sad news
    Regards Neil

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    very sad news

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    Quote Originally Posted by KindOfDaz View Post
    Thus only Jeff Lynn left
    When did Bob turn his toes up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stratmangler View Post
    When did Bob turn his toes up?
    My thoughts exactly!
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    Very sad and such a talented man.
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