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Thread: Old timer back in the groove

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    Join Date: Sep 2017

    Location: Cheshire

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    I'm Dave.

    Default Old timer back in the groove

    Evening folks

    Name is Dave located in Cheshire,was very interested in hi fi 40 yrs ago but amateur radio came into my life and ,well,that was that.
    Downsized 1 yr ago from a great radio location to this place and no room now for towers and rotatable antenna so it's back to the old love for me AND I am loving it.

    Interested mainly in vinyl,having loads of fun re building a collection.

    Have a few black boxes,cd,tuner etc but main system is

    LP12 /Nima/Adikt set up by the excellent Peter Swain to

    Croft phono amp with TQ interconnects to

    Musical Fidelity A300 dual mono intergrated feeding

    Spendor A6 speakers

    Nothing grand but the sound is pretty good but I am looking to improve.

    Hope to learn a bit here (never too old)

    Ok,thats the hello so lets go


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    Join Date: Apr 2012

    Location: Southall, West London

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    I'm Geoff.


    Hi Dave. Welcome to AOS.

    You should find plenty to interest you here. There's lots going on, so go ahead and chat with the members. They're friendly.

    If you like, you can start your own blog with photos in the Gallery section. We like to see what people are using.

    Enjoy the forum,

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    Join Date: Jan 2013

    Location: Birmingham

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    I'm James.


    Hi Dave, looks like you have a nice system there with a few bits of kit I am fond of.

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    Join Date: Dec 2008

    Location: Lincolnshire, Home by the Sea

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    I'm Shaun.


    Really nice to see another Hi-Fi fan entering the fold.
    Serious Ozric Tentacles fan especially on vinyl. Love complex rhythms and timings. Also love all things electronic and worship the man that is Brian Eno.

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    Join Date: May 2012

    Location: Dagenham Essex

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    I'm I'mteachingmarcotheartofpishanto.


    Hello and welcome
    Music , fills the gaps between silence !

    TAT Sale post Leader " Marcos Mentor "

    Also a pishanto specialist confirmed by Head Daftee

    Real name " Allen " or "Zoomer Nut”, “Numpty Napper”.


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    Join Date: Feb 2010

    Location: London, UK

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    I'm Dave.


    Hi and welcome.

    What kind of music do you like? I think there are quite a few different tastes round here.
    Good luck with getting your kit up and running - but do find time to listen to.

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    Join Date: Dec 2012

    Location: Stoke on trent

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    I'm Steve.


    Hi Dave, a fellow Stoke fan by any chance sir?

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    Join Date: Sep 2017

    Location: Cheshire

    Posts: 24
    I'm Dave.


    Oh yes,but son and I let season tickets lapse a couple of seasons ago for a variety of reasons.I do miss the match day excitement but not the agro getting to ground etc.

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    Join Date: Sep 2017

    Location: Cheshire

    Posts: 24
    I'm Dave.



    Strange for a bald old pensioner but Prog Rock is my main bag although since starting to collect vinyl again I find myself listening to all sorts of stuff.Good fun to be had looking for bargains !

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    Join Date: Sep 2017

    Location: Cheshire

    Posts: 24
    I'm Dave.


    Hi James

    Strangely I am considering a change to Croft like yours or maybe a 25r with a pair of mono blocs.
    Just considering, but I bought a Croft phono amp some months ago,just the cooking version, and I like it a lot,much smoother than the A300 internal stage so it got me thinking.

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