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Thread: Journey to the temple of boom, slight reprise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by agk View Post
    Grant that was a pair of Linn Kan 1 and the spike directly under the speakers worked a treat for my ears.

    The dinky little telly is plenty big enough for the wife to watch hollyoaks. I could live without it tbh.

    I grew up with the pictured 3090's in my fathers system so they and their relatives seem normally sized to me.
    The 2075 has a simpler circuit which for me makes up for the poor tweeter.

    Thanks all.
    A spike through Linn Kans improves them to my ears... Works for the undead apparently too...

    Always thought the 2075's would be good one to try rebuilding the crossovers with better caps and replacing the tweeter with something better. They will likely be full of ancient "Elcaps", thin wire and push on connectors....
    My mate used his with a Sugden A48II and they still sounded great! Effortlessly extended bass with decent grip but a bit of a sting in the treble is how I remember them...
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    I'm Shane.


    Nice system pics, Andrew. Very neat work!

    Shane Lonergan........UB1 Birth.

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