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Thread: Hi There

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    I'm Lint.

    Default Hi There

    Hi There!

    Hope I find everybody on the forum in good spirits. Been interested in HiFi gor 40 odd years and it's still a mystery to me why the more money you spend on a hifi system, the more different it sounds to alternative similarly priced systems. Surely the goal is the closest possible reproduction of performed music and the better any system is, the nearer it should be to that. Therefore the higher the quality of the HiFi component the nearer it should sound to its competitors' products: so why don't they?

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    I'm Rob.


    Borasic Lint....living in Squalor?

    Join The Club, but the rules here are that you put your proper location. If you have...then apologies.
    Buy Bose...And get your parking validated!.

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    I'm Geoff.


    Hi Lint. Welcome to AOS.

    Tell us what Hi-Fi you're using now and what music you like.

    Join in the fun and chat with the members.

    As mentioned, you'll need a proper location in your profile. Country if outside UK and town or region, thanks.

    Enjoy the forum,
    Mr. Tact!

    Main system: MMs/ADCs/Low output MC's/One rare Japanese SUT/One scarce British phono stage/various tonearms/hefty Japanese DD TT and hefty Japanese BD TT and small British BD TT. 4 CD players/2 jitter buster/2 DACs/Valve buffer. TVC stepped attenuator or valve pre-amp or solid state pre-amp. Current dumping power-amp or either of two Class A SS power-amp or Class A EL34 valve monos or big Japanese (part Class A) integrated. Big dual concentric speakers/Smaller dual concentric speakers/Two way British compacts and full range speakers, amongst others. And too much more to list!

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