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Thread: Lossless Media Player for the Car

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    Default Lossless Media Player for the Car

    Looking for a replacement for my trusty old iPod Video (Gen 5) that will support the content that is now stored mainly as FLAC on JRiver MC on my NAS. I'd tweaked the iPod to use a 64Gb SD card but as most of my content is now controlled using JRiver, I would prefer a player that can take the native content and has a decent SQ. Not looking to spend a fortune on this by the way, so if there's nothing in the 'Bargain Basement' it's unlikely to happen. Any suggestions?

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    Sansa Clip+ 8GB, which you can add a micro SD card to.

    Prices seem to be rising as it is no longer in production & sounds much better than it ought to - it has an EU volume limiter that might need to be disabled. If you can find one for 50 or so, I think it'd be worth it.
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    I replaced my iPod with a FiiO X1 which came free with a magazine subscription.

    Can take a 128Gb micro sd card and supports hi res files.

    Has good battery life, excellent reviews and sounds good to me. If it failed I would buy another without second thoughts. Price is below 100

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    I doubt you'd find anything to better the SQ of the ipod video for bargain basement price (5.5 gen are some of the best sounding Apple players, apparently) - maybe you could turn it into a Rockbox player (which plays FLAC I believe) and install a high capacity SSD drive?

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