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Thread: Uber-headphones and amplifiers from Germany

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    Default Uber-headphones and amplifiers from Germany

    Steve Guttenberg writes:

    Germany's autobahn highway system has no speed limits, and I sometimes wonder if it's a coincidence that so many of the world's best headphones -- Ultrasone, Sennheiser, and Beyerdynamic -- all hail from there. The Germans passion for technical excellence knows no bounds, so when Beyerdynamic sent over its new amp, the A 2 ($1,699) and flagship T 1 headphones ($1,399) I was eager to check them out. The T 1 isn't new, and while I've always liked it, I didn't love it. Maybe the A 2 would make the magic happen. They also sent the more affordable A 20 amp ($679); both amps were designed and made in Germany.

    The company has been on a .....
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    Steve Guttenberg is right :-)

    This is my headphone listening equipment. For more details about my system see this thread.

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