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Thread: Amplifier service

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    Default Amplifier service

    Just picked up my Marantz PM-4 amplifier from beautiful Bedlington, and it's sounding great. I'd only had this amp a couple of months when it started to cut out and generally behave badly ... not surprising, maybe, as it dates from 1980. Anyway, Jez had a look at it, fixed the immediate problems ... switch contacts, new speaker relay and voltage regulators ... and also replaced 43 ancient electrolytic caps, so it's measuring 'in spec.' and will now hopefully see me out

    Anyone who has ever heard the PM-4 will probably agree it's a bit special, and well worth the effort of resurrecting. Anyway, I'm well chuffed ... fair price, excellent service .. thanks, Jez! (and cat).
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    I'm Jez.


    Thanks for that Peter. Glad to be of help It does indeed sound rather nice!

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    Yep got one here....
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