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Thread: Raspberry Pi Advice

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    Quote Originally Posted by drSM View Post
    I must declare that i thought the thing would be able to access LMS (on a Synology server) independent of the Squeezebox
    I have to have the Squeezebox on and have to Synchronise it with the piCore player for it to work.
    A bit of a bummer
    ...are you running multiple instances of LMS?

    The piCorePlayer/Squeezelite will connect automatically to the first version of LMS it finds either locally or on the network...

    Edit; do you use the web interface to control LMS and the players?
    Cheers, Will

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    thanks Stratmangler and Will for your assistance.
    No Will i believe its a single LMS
    I will seek local help.
    Ta v much lads
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    Apologies for hi-jacking this thread but is the Rpi3 better (in sq terms) than the Rpi2?
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