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Thread: Hi from Seaton Carew

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    I'm Brendan.

    Default Hi from Seaton Carew

    Been a lurker on this forum for ages,so I thought it's about time I joined the fray.

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    I'm Steve.


    Quote Originally Posted by Riversea View Post
    Been a lurker on this forum for ages,so I thought it's about time I joined the fray.
    Eyup Chubs. Good to see you here. Welcome.
    WEBSITE.... www.theprogmeister.com

    Golf, a good walk spoiled : M Twain.

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    I'm Rob.


    Wasn't Seaton Carew re-named Seaton Canoe?

    Welcome. What is your system and what music do you like to listen to?
    Buy Bose...And get your parking validated!.

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    I'm Martin.


    Hi Brendan, welcome from me.

    Current Lash Up:

    Technics SL1200P CD Player * NVA P90SA passive pre / Krell KSA50S Power amp * JM Lab Electra 926 loudspeakers *

    'This is the sort of music I'd be listening to if I was going shopping for a training bra.'

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    I'm Andy.


    Hi Brendan
    Welcome from a Donkey Walker from Redcar.
    I can see Seaton Carew from the Beach at Redcar, out with dogs this morning.
    Doesn't look too far away, though I wouldn't like to try and swim it.
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    Andy - SDDW

    Electrical Engineer - Bio-Mass Power Station

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