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Thread: Album Club, August 2017: Herbie Hancock - 'Crossings'

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    Default Album Club, August 2017: Herbie Hancock - 'Crossings'

    The Album Club choice for August comes courtesy of Lawrence (HackneyRF) with Herbie Hancock's 'Crossings'. As always, please listen to the album in its entirety before you comment and/or vote.

    Herbie Hancock - Crossings

    Apart from ‘Future Shock’ in the 80’s and the more well-known ‘Headhunters’ from the same period as ‘Crossings’, Herbie Hancock’s work had largely passed me by. So it wasn’t until recently when on Spotify and listening to ‘Headhunters’ that I started to dig deeper and discovered a whole box of delights, but more specifically his so called 'Mwandishi period' which includes the albums Mwandishi, ‘Sextet’ and ‘Crossings’. My choice for this Album Club is ‘Crossings’.

    Crossings ventures into the more experimental area of Jazz with heavy use of keyboards in the shape of Moog and Mellotrons and electronic trickery, which helps to give the record a spacey, cosmic (man) feeling to it. The opening epic ‘Sleeping Giants’ does remind somewhat of Genesis ‘Supper’s Ready, in the way that it appears to be a number of different sections pieced together. Clocking in at just over 24 minutes it’s a roller coaster of a ride though going through wildly different time signatures and from Jazz Funk, to Jazz Rock and Free Jazz through to the final section where it really takes flight. One small gripe is that this bit doesn’t last long enough. It’s that good.
    Quasar is shorter and more concise but does continue to push the boundaries. Water Torture kicks off in a 70’s film soundtrack style, heads off again into Free Jazz exploration before ending in a Tangerine Dream analogue synth haze. Magic!
    Anyway I liked this record so much I stumped up 24 for the recently repressed Speakers Corner reissue. A very high quality record which sounds superb. Anyway as always it’s a pleasure to contribute, constructive criticism very welcome but most of all have fun listening!


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    I enjoyed this album immensely. I have a few of his soundtracks and Fat Albert rotunda is one of my favourite albums, but this was the first time I have listened to Crossings. It's a very engaging album, it seems to hook you in with it's changing styles, almost Avant-garde in places but very much rooted in jazz. It's easy to see from this album what a talent Herbie Hancock is.

    Great selection, thank you.
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    I really struggled to get through the whole album.
    I'm sure they are great musicians but not my cup of tea.

    Thanks for suggesting as I have never listened to Herbie before even though I have heard his name in the past a lot.
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    As noted above ‘Future Shock’ and ‘Headhunters’ are better known than 'Crossings'
    It is a great album and I don't give this a spin as often as it deserves.
    Good choice and a 9/10 from me.
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    Dug out my LP copy. Haven't heard it in a long while, but on relistening I remembered that I only really liked Side 2 ('Quasar' and 'Water Torture'); so 8/10 from me.

    Even so I enjoyed listening to it again, sufficient for me to dig out and play 'Fat Albert Rotunda' and 'Mwandishi'.
    Have you listened to this month's choice in the Album Club?


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