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Thread: Photobucket

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    Default Photobucket

    Hi All,

    I am seeing this (see attached pic, apologies for its small size but I think you should get the drift) a lot on people's posts.

    Does this mean I have to update my photobucket account to be able to see the pictures or does the poster need to do so?

    Thanks in advance,


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    I'm Nick.


    This is an issue on the Poster's side. Photobucket changed their Terms and Condition and now charge $400 to allow 'hotlinking' to images hosted on their servers.

    Unsurprisingly most people aren't prepared to stump up that kind of cash so many image links are good as broken.

    Not much we can do about this. Just make sure you use a reputable alternative going forward.

    Unfortunately we do not have the space to host images for all users on our own servers.
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    Photobucket are ers
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    Quote Originally Posted by Audio Al View Post
    Photobucket are ers
    As far as I'm concerned they are far worse than that. Propriety forbids me to say exactly what I now call them.

    Suffice it to say, as soon as I find a reliable image hosting site - one that is easy to register with, and makes it easy to upload and download images, I will abandon PB and delete all the images I have lodged with them. If enough of us do that PB will die a death, and serve them right for their blatant avarice and despicable business practice.
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    A few days ago I deleted my entire account with these wankers which sadly will now make a bloody mess of all of my AOS posts but I will not any longer associate with them.
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    Has anyone found a suitable alternative yet?
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    I've never used Photobucket. Stuck with Tinypic for years.
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    I've changed to one called Imgur. I'm certainly not paying an annual fee of £300 to Photobucket! However, I'm also not prepared to go through hundreds of links repairing them so any pic I have posted will just have to stay broken.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YNWaN View Post
    I've changed to one called Imgur. I'm certainly not paying an annual fee of £300 to Photobucket! However, I'm also not prepared to go through hundreds of links repairing them so any pic I have posted will just have to stay broken.
    Also using imgur. Also not paying any ransom to photobucket and also not going round fixing what must be many hundreds of broken links over more than a decade.
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    Imgur for me since the tossers at photofuckit messed things up... and that reminds me that I need to do the rest of the images in my trade zone!

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