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Thread: Photobucket

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkless Electronics View Post
    Imgur for me since the tossers at photofuckit messed things up... and that reminds me that I need to do the rest of the images in my trade zone!
    I have also grown fed up with Photobucket and opened an I Imgur account on your advice. Much much better.
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    Frying pan/fire comes to mind.
    Wouldn't trust any of em.
    No such thing as a free lunch.
    When they become too popular and the overheads for providing the service outweighs the revenue they can generate, they will do something similar to Photobucket and stop people hot linking.

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    I agree about Imgur. Easy to upload and a breath of fresh air after Phartbucket , who can go and stuff themselves
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    Always used Imageshack (for YEARS now) with *zero* problems. Never understood why Imageshack always seemed to be less popular than Photo[sick]bucket...?


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    Photobucket was very annoying and slow for me. All those pop up ads and it took an age to download pics with our naff internet speed. With flickr, there are no ads and it is a lot quicker, so photobucket did me a favour.

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