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Thread: Saffie-Rose Roussos

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    Default Saffie-Rose Roussos

    Today was the final funeral for the victims of the Manchester bombing in May, it was little 8 year old Saffie who went to the same school as my daughter hence we were invited to attend at Manchester Cathedral. *It was a lovely service, for a bright, vivacious, cheeky little girl. *Her father made a request, to make her the most famous girl on Google. *Compared with the vacuous pap that normally occupies the top spots, I'd say that's a fitting*ambition, and a way to wipe out the memory of the bomber and replace much of the bile that's out there with something much more pleasant. *Since most of you aren't local, you won't have seen the piece on BBC North West tonight. *I've included a link for anyone who'd like to share it onwards themselves

    #Saffiethesuperstar*- Youtube link*http://bit.ly/2eNjxEQ

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    thanks for sharing , a very very sad occasion
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    No words are adequate. A very sad day
    Regards Neil

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    I've just watched the video, there are nine thumbs down, what sort of person would give it a thumbs down ? Scum.

    Rest in peace little Angel.

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