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Thread: Advice on Michell tt

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    Default Advice on Michell tt

    Decided to go fo one,

    budget has an upper limit of 2.000€, so (I think) I have two options

    1. get a new gyro se and fit the jelco 750d@denon 103R I already have
    2. get a tecnodec and a tecnoarm ...

    what do you think ?

    *used, x-demo etc in nm/m condition will be nice too (just pm or mail me)

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    Option one
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    Quote Originally Posted by Audio Al View Post
    Option one
    I'd agree with that!
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    option one , with a tecnoarm if you can

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    I'm Dimitris.


    if I go with the gyro se @ jelco, tonearm upgrade will happen at a future time

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    Option One, no doubt. But........

    .............. have you considered a used Orbe or Orbe SE. Michell TT's are incredibly robust and most are really well looked after. People do tend to hang on to them, but sometimes they crop up.
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    I'm Dimitris.


    orbe is the end of the trip ...
    I doubt that I can find one that fits my budget ....
    I have been looking michell's for the past months but havent spot one,
    maybe in UK its easier

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    Option one for sure.
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    I'm Dimitris.


    got the point

    gyro it is ...

    I'm gonna make a last try searching for a used nm one or an orbe
    and then I'm placing an order ...

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    The Orbe clamp kit is a very worthwhile upgrade for a Gyro. Save your shillings.

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