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Thread: TV series to watch with the girlfriend?

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    Used to like watching 'Person of Interest' together, more recently 'Blacklist' & 'Criminal Minds'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by struth View Post
    Tch, tch, tch, tch!

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    I'm Taz.


    My Mrs like that gory stuff like the American horror story so few of her favourite are:

    The walking dead
    Teen wolf

    I like:

    Person of interest
    Last man on earth ( very funny )
    First few seasons of Criminal Minds
    Elementary (modern take on Sherlock Holmes)
    Almost forgot about Boardwalk Empire (highly recommend this)

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    I'm matt.


    Thanks for all the suggestions. We decided to watch Stranger Things. We're only a couple of episodes In so far, so nothing much to say really.

    Been watching Last man on earth myself and quite enjoying It (Cheers Taz). I can quite relate to the main character and could Imagine myself being very similar If I was In his position.

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    But you may have to explain a few things afterwards :-)
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