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Thread: How can I get the best out of my Mini-1 and Klipsch KG4.5's

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    I'm Paul.


    I will certainly keep my eye out for a 300b not to mention the often recommended EL34 sel.

    Did wonder about input voltage, transformers and general grade of the electrical components used in the Chinese tubes. No one wants to end up with an expensive ornament.

    Getting back to SS amps other than the quads I've mentioned before what other amps would give a similar valve synergy to my KG 4.5s?

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    I'm tony.


    PM sent

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    Quote Originally Posted by jandl100 View Post
    I've not heard the Yaqin MC84L but based on my experience of other Yaqin and similar amps I would expect it to sound very good.
    Some folks, though, have had major (catastrophic) problems using 220/230V Chinese valve amps on UK 240V mains (which is often 250V or more in practise).
    Indeed Jerry. Back around 2007 I wasted maybe 450 quid importing a Yarland SE amplifier that lasted less than two years before having to be disposed of. Even though I was told it was a 230V model it definitely wasn't. When it was checked over all of the internal voltages were high. I ended up selling it as a chassis project.
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    Hi Paul,

    Don't know about their pre amps, but I've had a Yaqin MS22B valve phono stage for almost 6 years now, firstly with an Lp12, then a Monarch TT and have had no issues whatsoever. I did replace the mains lead, but that's all.

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    I'm Paul.


    Thanks Steve, it's that age old dilemma about taking a risk on something you know might be brilliant but could equally be a curse. Me being one of the ones that would need it to work out well makes me a prime target for a duff one (well in my eyes it does anyhow, maybe I'm just a pessimist)

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