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Thread: Old Shure carts.

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    Well, my hazy recollection is that I used a 75ED exclusively during the 70s and 80s, just getting a new stylus every couple of years. My brother then used it for another decade or so ... so, at least I can vouch for their longevity Never felt any compunction to 'upgrade either', so it must have been doing something right.

    One thing I hadn't fully realised was the range of compliances that there are across the Shure range. Recently, I wasn't overly impressed with a high compliance 55 in a medium mass Jelco 250 arm, but a low compliance SC35C positively sings in my heavy Fidelity Research arm.

    Something I don't think Shure get enough recognition for, is that they produced millions of affordable cartridges during a time when vinyl was pretty much all there was .. they truly made decent hifi accessible to the masses. All my mates had Shures ... we never considered anything else tbh.
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    Curiously the only reason why I started with a Shure cartridge was because I couldn't find a retailer to source me a Bang & Olufsen cartridge.

    I was after an SP6 (or was it an SP10? Can't remember now!), and when I couldn't get one I asked what Shure cartridge could I get for the same price. The answer was a Shure M3D, which I reluctantly bought, but changed it within a year to an M55E.

    A couple of years ago I obtained a B&O SP6 off eBay for £5 in good condition. The sound is very much of its time, but sadly I no longer have the Shure M3D to compare it with.

    I used to have a Shure SC35C sans stylus, but never felt the urge to buy a new stylus - so found it a good home instead.
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