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Thread: Budget valve headphone amplifiers?

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    Thanks for the recommendations.
    The Little Dot looks interesting, but if the budget is upped a little the Schiit Valhalla comes into range.
    I have always fancied a piece of Schiit.

    An OTL headphone amp? Is it a good idea.
    Maybe I should speak to Mr Fitkrebottle and see if he can make me one with a massive power supply. As apparently they make all the difference.
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    I've been using the Schiit Vali with a pair of Sennheiser hd600s for a couple of years. I suspect I would have to spend a great deal more for something better sounding. Sounds especially good with the Mani phonostage, but also great through a CD player.

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    Really like it...


    Of course it's rather more than just a headphone amp - it runs max2play on the Pi so it's a Vortexbox client too, i.e. everything is served to it. I use RPi 3s, using the inbuilt WiFi and it works very well... use Orange Squeeze on my phone to control it.
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