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Thread: Arkless 640P phono stage loan list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smangus View Post
    Seems to be a ridiculous amount of raving on those forums due to certain influences. Very unhealthy.

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    Ok, guys, no more references to a certain banned forum., which have now been removed. You know the rules!

    Also, no more thread craps making negative comments about Jez's phono stage. If you're not interested in obtaining a loan of an Arkless 640P, with a view to buying one, then don't post on this thread, which is solely for that purpose.

    If you want to discuss reviews of other phono stages, in comparison with Jez's (which have taken place on forums allowed to be mentioned here), then start a new thread.


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    Hi Jez.

    I'll borrow one if that's OK. Be interesting to see how it sounds compared to the inbuilt stage ion the JVC.


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    Been laid up with suspected food poisoning while all this was going on so would have been interested in knowing more about whatever complete bollocks was being said. I had no idea there had been any reviews on these forums and if they were bad reviews they were complete bollocks. I know how good it is, as do the many customers who have bought one. I haven't found the lies masquerading as a review but it is strange that my phono stage has had nothing but rave review after rave until "reviewed" by a "competitor". I use the term competitor very loosely.... In every legitimate review I know of the Arkless 640P has easily beaten everything it has come up against.

    Had a quick look at [banned forum] and whilst it was news to me it seems there is an ongoing campaign against me... much of it personal and by [expletive removed] who have never even met me or done business with me. They must be worried about the competition. I know you will read this [banned name removed] and as you will gather you've just made it personal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkless Electronics View Post
    .. it seems there is an ongoing campaign against me...
    Join the club Jez, lets just enjoy the shared experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firebottle View Post
    Join the club Jez, lets just enjoy the shared experience.
    Yeah... I hadn't realised this had been going on... not to anything like this extent anyway.

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    Hi Jez,
    Please add me on the loan list too.
    Thank you

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    Some unedited user reviews..... I have missed out user names as I can't be getting permission to quote each person but anyone doubting the authenticity is welcome to trawl the web and find the originals... This is just a small selection...

    "Just received an Arkless modded phono amp, only one word to describe the sound through this thing, stunning!

    BTW, if anyone finds a jaw in the Glasgow area please get in touch as I've lost mine."
    "I've just received mine too. Sounds great straight out of the (Coors Light) box.

    A big step up from my local TRed PreFix."
    "Thanks Jez
    I've spent the afternoon playing records, the biggest compliment i can pay Jez and his amp is that I can't stop listening to records.

    Everything I've played has been a revelation, Jazz, Soul, seventies stuff like Lou Reed, nineties stuff from the likes of R.E.M, Norah Jones etc etc.

    Best I've heard vinyl on my system, just fantastic.

    A complete bargain too plus Jez is a top bloke to deal with."


    "I've just had a very brief listen to the Arkless at home (AndyC's been on the loaner program)

    Compared to my Prefix (which I rate highly) there's so much more information. On my favourite ZZtop album there was an extra musician on percussion, the cymbals were there in the room, before they weren't in the same building!

    Its impressed enough we're both getting on the list to buy our own, again the idea of source first comes into play.

    It makes me wonder just how much informations on those old fashioned black discs."


    "I'll add to that,

    First of all it's really quiet there's hardly any hum or back ground noise ,I've been using it on the moving magnet setting my cartridge is a dynavector 10x5 ,

    So how does it sound ? Well it sounds great , The bass is deep and tight sounding but the midrange is what impressed me the most , every instrument seems to stand out from the background and have its own place in the mix ,

    One of my favourite records since being a kid is Bruce hornsby"s "the way it is ", now I've played this record hundreds of times and on the track madoline rain I'm hearing instruments at the start that I've never heard before .

    So after having it in my system for nearly a week the biggest complement I can give it is that despite having a really busy week at work and having to get up at 530am every morning I've found that I've played more vinyl this past week than I have for ages ,

    I'm not looking forward to having to post it on , hopefully jez will forget about it !"


    "I also had a sneaky listen to one of Jez's modded 651P when it was out on loan
    I had my 640P and a 651P original's on hand to compare it to
    Basically it blew them both out of the water its very quiet, transparent and 3 dimensional and has good bass slam I liked it a lot, the originals sound completely bland by comparisson ."


    "I received my modded 640P Arkless phono stage today.

    I am sure others will write far more eloquently than I about the qualities this phono stage brings out in your music system.

    A slightly different take. My Rega RP6 also arrived today. The sheer musical quality of the Arkless phono stage means the new turntable is still sat in it's box. I am just enjoying the old turntable through this new phono stage too much."


    "Arkless modified Cambridge 640P: First Impressions
    My modded 640 arrived today courtesy of Jez.
    It's quite a remarkable unit. It has replaced by £800 Astin Trew and it completely blows it out the water.
    I now have a record deck that sounds like I want it to. A great bottom, middle and top end. A while ago I posted and asked why my sub kicked in playing flac files but not with vinyl. The consensus was that my cartridge didn't go low enough. Well the Arkless does the bass in spades and is certainly the best I've heard in the sub £1000 market."


    "Right here we are , my full review (complete with spelling mistakes, incorrect grammar and bad punctuation!)

    to gain some context my system is
    SME IV
    MF A5 PRE

    I had this last weekend which actually fell at exactly the right time , Jez had very kindly delayed the arrival so I could take delivery of my new cart as I wanted to try this with a MC cart , which it also happened that I had been able to 'get used to' or run in the new cart beforehand which gave me time to try out quite a few records and familiarise myself with that wonderful Koetsu house sound, I was smitten.

    Then arrived the Arkless, I honestly was not prepared for what this thing was going to do to what I thought was an already alluring , addictive sound.

    The Arkless has turned everything I thought about the Koetsu on its head (including me) , I was never a great proponent of seperate phono stages, having borrowed a Tom Evans in the past which I wasnt over enamoured with, once plugged into the Arkless my cart came to life , everything tightened up and the sound lept from my speakers.

    I was experiencing a slightly loose bass with the Koetsu (an inherant problem with this cart apparently) but the Arkless took this, tightened it up and made it better , midrange too was energetic and exciting. The highs are smooth notes are extended and possess remarkable clarity.

    My girlfirends analogy was bang on when doing a back to back comparison, she said my MF A5 pre amps phono was like the music was in a box, the Arkless opened it and the music was free.

    Before you say 'oh the MF phono is crap its hardly a good start' I did borrow a freinds phonostage as a 'benchmark' , I am not going to lie, it was better than the MF inbuilt stage, but the Arkless took the whole experience to another level, the only caveat being that record noise was far more prevailent , but this could be , as Jez postulates , due to the other manufacturers rolling of the high frequencies .

    I seriously have no doubt in recommending you try this , I am aghast at how/what Jez is doing to make this thing so good for so little money and I have read that he is going to do more esoteric things, I for one would be very interested to see what else he can produce as if this little phono is anything to go by, great great things are indeed on there way.

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    Good stuff, Jez. The best advert is always the honest feedback from satisfied customers!


    "A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do" -- Milan Kundera.


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    Well I heard a 640 modded Arkless phono stage for the first time on Sunday.
    It had my Garrard 401 with a heavily modded OL rb250 arm and a NOS ortofon Mc15 mkii. With Canary valve amp and a selection of different speakers and I've got to say it sounded wonderful.
    You would have never guessed it cost just a couple of hundred pounds. Every bit as good as my much more expensive phono stages. Great product.

    Similarly I've heard the fire bottle valve phono stage and it is good too and I am currently using his prototype head amp in my system and it is a great battery powered head amp.

    As far as my ears hear it both Jez and Alan do a great job. Keep up the good work.

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