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Thread: Is anyone familiar with these IMF transmission line speakers, labelled MDKT

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    Default Is anyone familiar with these IMF transmission line speakers, labelled MDKT

    Hi Folks,

    I recently bought a pair of IMF speakers at a local auction. I mistakenly assumed they were model TLS80. But they are not. Although very similar in appearance there are some distinct differences. The badge on the front says just IMF, rather than IMF Electronics, which usually appears on the TLS80 cabinets. The port at the bottom of the cabinet does not have the central division. They are on castors, which I am 99% certain are factory fitted. The label on the back says they are type MDKT. They stand 40" high.

    It would be great if I could find out what MDKT stands for.

    I have found one completed listing on ebay where the seller refers to them as Professional Monitors, and also some guy in New Zealand mentioning he has bought a pair (also assuming they were TLS80s). There is a dedicated website for IMF electronics (http://www.imf-electronics.com) but it makes no mention of the type MDKT (unfortunately, neither does it have a Contact page or email address).

    So I am now at a bit of a dead-end. If anyone has any info on these it would be greatly appreciated.


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    Although I don't think the following link contains the info you want perhaps the website owner (Richard Torrens) has some IMF documents he has not yet scanned?

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    That label looks a bit suss. IMF were based in High Wycombe.

    I visited the factory there myself in the 70s.

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    They might have been building them under licence for export or something similar. The 1970s were the wild west for UK hi-fi manufacturing, before the big corporations bought everyone up. A lot of it isn't documented, you can only find out about it from talking with people who were there at the time. And even they can be a bit hazy about it.

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    Any update on this?

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    It might be worth contacting Falcon Acoustics.

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