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Thread: Peculiar FM Tuner fault

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    Default Peculiar FM Tuner fault


    I have a Pioneer F-656 FM tuner. All seems well (now I've fixed the aerial) except for one fault. I get a full signal for say 10-15 mins and then it drops with all the associated white noise etc. However, opening the lid and blowing/cooling the 2 output trannies (on heat sinks) temporarily alleviates the problem. I wonder if it's worth fixing as I have internet radio...but I still like the idea of my old tuner.

    All the caps seem OK (in that there are no bulges) but three do have a load of white gunge at their bases (see pics if I can upload them OK).


    Any ideas?

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    They're probably voltage regulators.... or having spotted the Zener there, series pass transistors for a discrete but crude voltage regulator. It's just a question of whether or not it's worth fixing to you... I charge a pretty reasonable 30 an hour labour, which is also my minimum fee, and including P+P etc it would likely cost 50 ish to repair.
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    I'm Richard.


    Thanks Jez, just the feedback I needed. I'll bear it in mind.

    Needless to say I wiggled the components, checked for dry joints etc. Thought the 4 caps near the heatsinks were a major suspect - but I can't always reproduce the fault/remedy!

    Thanks again,

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