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Thread: Cheap upgrade for michell gyro

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    Hi Alan all good stuff , so far over a 1000 views , if any one wants a bearing ball , please drop me a line , you only pay what i have paid and make your own mind up ,
    also one other thing you can do is put some more spacers under the Arm Board , you can buy them of eBay for penny's put some blue tack under one end and push them in , is seems to work better with the SME arms ,
    and is cheap to do , just look under nylon spacers ,

    Well after 3 months of running diffrent balls no pun intended , the PTFE one finaly got a flat on the bottom, but kept on running , i have over 1kg in weight on top of the platter ,
    i am still using the PTFE as it is the softer if all of them ,the hardest is the torlon , but i pefair the sound of the PTFE and the thought that no damage can be done if it wears down , un like the ceramic versions that are harder if they fail it is a new bearing ,
    just put a 6mm 1.5mm disc of ptfe on the end of the bearing shaft to see if that helps the ptfe ball , there is no surface noise , at all , if it means i have to change it every s 6 months i will
    for those of you who are using ceramic bearings the higher the Grade number the poorer the Ball in roundness and surface finish and size , and also the lower the price , the higher price ones will be grade 10 in aluminum oxide, grade 3 in silicon , and grade 3 in zinc oxide bearing ball you can buy grade 5 on eBay, but not in aluminium oxide ,
    all the engeering plastic Ball are grade 1 the best you can buy as far as i no ,
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