and here is the last pictures as it is back in the box and that is the end , well for now the main spider is now 24mm thick and the base is the same

if you are going to make a spider for the gyro you will have to make a spacer the same thickness so the belt will run properly to go under the motor foot , , it is well worth doing ,a piece of 350x350 x12 mm perspex is needed (use the off cut for the spacer )
use the one off the gyro ,mark around it ,bandsaw it out (jigsaw) polish the edges and flame polish to finish , drill the 3holes for the feet using the original gyro spider as a guide , , stick it together with double sided tape and then you have a laminated gyro base, no need to drill and tap the holes for the suspension in the one you have made, as they are in the orginal one ,