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Thread: Glastonbury 2017

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    I'm Joe.

    Default Glastonbury 2017

    I have received a ticket for Glastonbury rather unexpectedly, and wonder who's playing there that I should make a point of seeing.

    The one unmissable event I have earmarked is on the Pyramid stage at 4.15 on Saturday - Jeremy Corbyn being introduced by Michael Eavis, and receiving a rock-star's welcome from a crowd of up to 175,000 people ... can't wait to hear that roar!

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    Haave you been before?
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    You definitely need to go and see the Sunday legends slot at the Pyramid stage on Sunday morning. The perfect wind-down from the festival. This year it's Barry Gibb.

    It's a festival like no other, much more than the music, loads of great food if you know where to look.

    ...will take a peek & see if there's some bits that I can directly recommend.
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    Have a great festival. Looks like we're in for fab weather.

    You've been lucky indeed to get a ticket at this late stage.
    NEBO 8 - Sat 6th May 2017, St George Hotel, Durham Tees Valley Airport. 10am til late.

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    I'm Joe.

    Default Yes, I have been before

    ... about 25 times. But I lost my wife, with whom I always used to share the experience, usually working there - latterly in the Kidz Field, around three years ago, and haven't felt much like going.

    So I kinda know my way around, my temporary home is at the permaculture end of the Green Futures field.

    Just wondered whether there are any don't-miss-under-any-circumstances acts playing there this year.

    Thank you in advance for any tips ...

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    I don't particularly like hip hop but I do like the energy ( Horns) the band Cut Capers has and I would make an effort to see them. The lead singer Jane Thomas has a divine voice, which is just an added bonus.
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